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  • gait-trainer-circuito

    GAIT TRAINER – Automated Circuit for Multifunctional Gait Training

    The Gait Trainer is a multifunctional automated gait training device used for gait recovery in patients.

    It was developed specifically for physical therapists and other rehabilitation professionals. It has 3 devices in one: ramp, steps and parallel bars. Allows you to grade the difficulty in millimeters using a button.

    Gait Trainer helps the professional and his patient to progress faster, in a safe and measurable way, allowing to measure, in each session, the degree of difficulty reached and to outline future goals in an easy way.

  • mesa-multifunções-para-treino-funcional

    Multifunction Table for Functional Training

    Structure in mild steel tube. Epoxy paint. Detachable feet. Plywood top. Contains: Prone supinator with adjustable forearm support; Roller for wrist flexion/extension; Pressure balls with three densities and sizes; Canadian board; Inertia wheel with adjustable counterweights, with effort regulation and amplitude adjustment to gain plantar and dorsal flexion of the foot; Device for training screws…