Pair Of Metallic Guards – 3 Stainless Steel Tubes

Side guards with stainless steel structure, to be incorporated into the bed in order to protect the patient from possible falls.

The device is classified as a geriatric product and is designed as an addition to geriatric beds to prevent patients from falling.

Class I Medical Device in accordance with DL 145/2009 which transposes Directive No. 2007/47/EC.

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Stainless side guards

Stainless steel side guards with welded stainless steel structure;
Guard structure in tube Ø 25 x 1.5 mm;
Articulation of the grid made with plastic hinges;
Surface treatment in epoxy paint with antibacterial treatment;
Structure composed of two units, left and right guard;
Control of the articulation of the guards with brake system;
The rails are fastened to the bed using M10 handles.

General Dimensions:
Open guard: 1440 x 515 mm
Closed guard: 1810 x 220 mm

Additional information

Weight 13 kg
Dimensions 1464 × 420 cm