Shower Trolley

Hydraulic or electric shower trolley to assist nursing staff in bathing bedridden patients or disabled persons.

The shower trolley is considered a clinical product.

Class I Medical Device according to DL 145/2009 that transposes the directive nº2007/47/EC, with the exception of the Electric Shower Trolley with Battery (MAMD011) which HCareSol does not consider a Medical Device.

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Shower Trolley

Shower trolley with welded and galvanized mild steel tube frame;
Epoxy paint with antibacterial treatment;
Bed based on phenolic compact;
Bathtub in vulcanized fabric with side edges rounded with
drainage in “V”;
It has a pillow for headrest and a water drain valve with
flexible hose;
Elevation in height by hydraulic or electric motor with battery. The elevation by
hydraulics is done by repeatedly pressing the pedal with the longest length. To the
pressing the smaller pedal continuously, a smooth descent of the bed of the
stretcher Lifting by electric motor is carried out by activating a command
with two buttons;
100mm diameter PVC wheels, two with brakes and two without brakes;
Folding guards (sides, head and feet);
Protection stop wheels at four corners;
Position of trendelenburg and anti-trendelenburg through gas shock absorber
activated by a lever placed on the side of the stretcher.

General Dimensions:
Dimensions of upholstery: 1950x760mm;
Height adjustment: 430 to 840 mm;
Maximum load weight: 180Kg.

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