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Who are we?

HCareSol is an industrial company located in Estarreja, Portugal. We develop solutions to ease the provision of healthcare and recovery of people, for their well-being and standard of living, in every of its stages. Above all, we aim to improve their well-being and standard of living, in all stages, centered in three main areas:


and Treatment

and Rehabilitation

We manufacture products and integrated solutions for hospital, geriatric and physiotherapy facilities, such as hospital and geriatric beds and furniture, support equipment, rehabilitation products, as well as other solutions that promote health, well-being and comfort for the human being.

Our focus is on our customers’ needs, providing not only a quality product, but also a valuable after sales and technical support, together with the development of new products.

Developing solutions that ease the provision of healthcare and recovery of people in need of suppor and help to their well-being and standard of living.

Being a global reference in the supply of products and support equipment to healthcare, in the Hospital, Rehabilitation, Geriatric and other areas, recognized by the quality, the design and the innovation of its solutions.

  • The satisfaction of our customers;
  • Training a competent customer-oriented team;
  • Ensuring profitability to guarantee the company’s sustained growth.

The Management ensures its support in the prossecution of these goals, in the continuous improvement of the quality management system and maintenance of its effectiveness, undertaking the commitment to comply with the applicable standards.

Sinuta Group | Infinite Opportunities

We are Sinuta Group

HCareSol is 100% owned by Sinuta Group, a Portuguese Industrial Group with a strong international nature and almost 30 years of experience in the metalworking and telecommunication sectors.

We were born as an investment of the Group in ts sector diversification, maintaining, however, the fundamental pillars of its identity: the capacity to do better each day, the relentless searc for innovation of our products, process and attitude and the vision of the work as our market, but also proud of our nationality.