Quality and Sustainability

Certificado de Qualidade nº 2019/CEP.5605 | Quality Certificate No. 2019/CEP.5605

At HCareSol, we know the quality of our products is a fundamental condition for the company’s success. With the activity focused on customer’s satisfaction, we perform a rigorous quality control in every stage of the production process, in order to ensure that every order arrives its destination with maximum quality.

Aware that quality is an ongoing process, we are based on the continuous improvement to guarantee a constant enhancement of our processes and, consequently, of our products.

Through training, we aim to provide our employees the means to always do more and better, with safety and quality.

This continuous work is validated by the certification of our Quality Management System according to ISO 9001:2015 standard.

Also, all products considered medical devices have CE certification and are registered in INFARMED.

Sustainability as a Goal!

We believe sustainability should be the goal of every business. And a sustainable business goes way beyond environmenal protection.

Taking care of society, contributing to our community and ensuring the health and safety of our employees is also crucial to guarantee the long term sustainability of all companies.

Environmental Protection

At HCareSol, we know we can only think about our future if we play our part in ensuring the planet’s future. By using advanced tecnological processes we can ensure a more efficient production, with a reduction of energy consumption and the control of waste production.

The commitment with environmental responsibility is also shown in the use of green products and tecnologies: air pollutantes are continuously monitored, wastewater is treated, the waste management of the production process is performed in accordance with legal regulations and most cargo handling equipment is electrical.

Social Responsibility

Integrated in a Group with a strong component of social responsibility, HCareSol believes that, for a company to be socially and corporatively responsible has to be am integrated part of the comunity where it is located.

The Group is also known by a strong culture of proximity between employees and between them and the management, providing a closer relation between all.

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