GAIT TRAINER – Automated Circuit for Multifunctional Gait Training

The Gait Trainer is a multifunctional automated gait training device used for gait recovery in patients.

It was developed specifically for physical therapists and other rehabilitation professionals. It has 3 devices in one: ramp, steps and parallel bars. Allows you to grade the difficulty in millimeters using a button.

Gait Trainer helps the professional and his patient to progress faster, in a safe and measurable way, allowing to measure, in each session, the degree of difficulty reached and to outline future goals in an easy way.

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GAIT TRAINER  – Automated Circuit for Multifunctional Gait Training

It has an access ramp to the training surface, which can be retracted, and a parallel bar;
Height-adjustable handrail, also ideal for pediatrics;
Double handrail (optional) allows continuous gait of the patient without rotation (useful for rehabilitation of patients with Parkinson’s for example) or having more than one patient at the same time using the equipment (one inside and one outside);
Controlled by two synchronous motors of extra smooth and safe operation;
Control command with position memory and automatic blocking;
With ladder functions with adjustable rung height, at the touch of a button (between 0 to 125mm height between rungs);
The Gait Trainer has a resting platform;
Ramp with adjustable inclination at the touch of a button (between 0 and 15º);
Prepared for HCARESOL accessories, for specific gait training.

General Dimensions
L x W (max): 4184mm x 993mm (Base Version) or 4184mm x 1087mm (Double Handrail)

Structure in mild steel tube and sheet, with epoxy paint finish (various colors);
Base with non-slip fabric coating, perforated for accessories;
Height adjustable handrail.


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